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Resident Membership fees are mandatory for all Delaire property owners.


Property Owners Mandatory Fees

Prices are effective January 1, 2020.

 Payable at time of joining – fully refundable.
initiation fee$89,000
 Payable at time of joining
annual dues$23,042
 Payable as follows: first payment of $2,562, then $2,560 for 8 months thereafter.  Prorated monthly for new members joining after January 1st.  Annual sales tax due with first month’s billing.
Monthly Supplemental Dues$220
 Annual sales tax due with first month’s billing.
Monthly Capital Assessment$410
 Applied towards the Club Improvement Program.
POA Annual Maintenance$4,600
 Payable $1,150 per quarter.
Immediate Family Guests (parents, children, and grandchildren and their respective spouses) of Equity Members are entitled to use all the Club’s facilities subject to the following rules: May play golf with any member 18 times during the calendar year before 1:00 PM, free of charge; play golf unaccompanied after 1:00 PM and use all other Club’s facilities free of charge. An Immediate Family Guest may not have guests at any time.
Special Features 
 No Food Minimum. No Tee Times Required. No Greens Fees for Parents, Children or Grandchildren. Strict No Tipping Policy.

Equity Bond, monthly Capital Assessment, and POA Annual Maintenance fees are not subject to the 7% FL sales tax. All other fees do not reflect 7% sales tax required by the State of Florida.


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